Czech folk songs will be heard in Switzerland

Czech folk songs will be heard in Switzerland. The Czech Academic Choir from Brno will sing them on the concert tour

Singing in Swiss German is not typical for the Czech Academic Choir (ČAS) from Brno. This time, however, the choir included one such song in its repertoire. As early as October 23, he is going on a week-long tour to Switzerland, where people from the town of Trubschachen and its surroundings will come to hear him under the leadership of conductor Michal Vajda.

A total of six concerts await the singers from Brno, mostly in local churches. In addition to Czech compositions, listeners can also look forward to other pieces. “As a Czech choir, we mainly take our music abroad. This will then be supplemented by world compositions such as spiritual, oratorio, opera, as well as, for example, arrangements of folk songs. There is something for everyone,” explained choirmaster Michal Vajda. It is not easy to prepare for such an event. “Of course, it’s quite demanding, because one concert lasts about an hour and twenty minutes,” added Vajda.

Arranging a concert tour in Switzerland was a good experience, according to the main co-organizer and choir member Jan Tylko. “Many thanks to the Swiss team, they are great people who are very passionate about music. Actually, it was all their idea,” explained Tylk. For him, the tour means more than just a musical experience. “For me, Trubschachen is a second home. Bringing my choir friends here is a really nice thing for me,” added the singer.

It is not the first time that about sixty singers go to Switzerland to show what they can do. In 2008 and 2016, they took part in the Montreux Choral Festival and took home the title of absolute winner and the Grand Prix prize. “This year the tour will be more demanding for concerts, but on the other hand, the stress of the competition will be gone. So we will be able to focus on giving a great concert performance. We will also have time to rest. With him, the team always gets stronger,” added Vajda.

The choir has been singing under the direction of conductor Michal Vajda since 2004. Since then, it has won a number of awards, among the most important of which is the Grand Prix from the Montreux Choral Festival 2016.