The Czech Academic Choir from Brno enjoyed the ovation of the Swiss stand. He had six concerts in five days

5 days, 6 concerts. This could be summed up by the weekly March tour of the Czech Academic Choir of Brno in Trubschachen, Switzerland. Forty-five singers went abroad to show Czech works in particular. “It is not everybody’s luck to succeed at the Montreux International Festival so that this kind of collaboration is created. It is almost the dream of every musical group, “said lead author Michal Vajda.

In total, the Swiss listeners had an hour and half a long program, including a local folk song. The sborists sang in Bernese German. “It was quite difficult because there are few people in the choir. And especially German does not remember much, “said Jan Tylk, member of the choir and organizer of the tour.

According to him, however, the singers managed to make the song a success. “I think we did it quite well. For native Swiss, it was a bit funny, but it was supposed to be understood, “added the choirmaster.

The Swiss listeners left the concerts with a smile, and there was also no standing ovation. “We were enthusiastic about the concert. It’s the most fantastic choir we’ve ever heard, “said Jörg and Katarina Glauser, the final concert at Trubschachen. Even other listeners rated concerts as successful. “It did not matter if they were singing religious or folk songs. They’ve done it with acoustic precision and above all with enthusiasm, “said Thomas Etter.

Even though the sophisticated program was demanding, concerts enjoyed them. “I was getting better every day, so the final concert was the best for me,” President of the Congregation Jiří Ammer explained. Surprising for him was a visit from the Czech Embassy in Switzerland. “The gentlemen have come to listen to us at the last concert. Even though they did not get much to read from their faces, after the concert I heard the very nice words from them, “Ammer added.

In addition to the concert, the choir made trips. “The tour was the first one. We went to visit Lucerne, Bern, but also the natural beauty of Switzerland, “Vajda said. Even the sborists appreciated that they had time to explore the surroundings. “I was excited about the beautiful landscape with typical Swiss houses. And I was pleased that the Swiss people are nice people, “said Jan Márová, a member of the Corps.

The Corps will probably repeat a similar trip in two years. “We already have an invitation for another tour in 2020,” added the choirmaster.

Article author: Nikola Jakubová