The new choir season 2018/2019 is deadlines

At the beginning of the new choir season 2018/2019, the calendar of the Czech Academic Choir (ČAS) is again filled with wonderful concerts or performances. This young prospective body has tasks comparable to other professional bodies, and does not intend to retreat from its artistic aims, or vice versa.

In the middle of November (16 November 2018), the Czechoslovak Choir traditionally goes to music to celebrate the Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy in Prague, where it will present its repertoire of Czech choral works (Smetana, Dvořák, Janáček).

As a traditional guest of the Janacek Brno 2018 festival, ČAS will be presented on two projects – Pietní akce (25.11.2018) and a concert with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (4.12.2018), where he will present Jan Novák’s cantata – Ignis for Ioanne Palach.

Pre-Christmas time will spend TIME on the boards of the National Theater Brno (NdB), where they will participate in the revival of the marvelous opera performance of Bohuslav Martinů – Games about Mary (December 19 and December 20, 2018).

The year 2019 will again bring together concerts and performances with NdB, JAMU, in the second half a half-round celebration of the anniversary of the establishment of the choir. We prepare everything for you and many more.

Believe that we continue to look forward to your favor.

Your Czech Academic Choir.